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Jewellery making and design

About processes and thoughts in making silver and glass jewellery

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  • Sarah Lamb

    10 July 2016

    Recently asked why my work has a lot of blue in it..My first response was that I just like the colour.Thinking about it blue is very striking in glass and early glass like Roman beads were often in blue due to use of copper which produced blue green colours...

  • new work

    31 July 2016

    enamel on copper pendants with silver wire finishs Having made some enamel copper pendants which have all sold.I was inspired to make some more.I love the abstractness of the enamel and find the silver wire adds interest and compliments the enamel.I...

  • Leather Cuffs

    07 August 2016

    My search for new ideas I started to look into leather .It is a lovely background to show off a glass bead.Having got the basic materials and work out how to do it.The combinations are endless and fun. here are a selection of my cuffs.Fun for the summer...

  • More leather cuffs

    07 August 2016

    My leather cuffs are have new direction.Having worked out how to work in leather I realize the possibilities are endless.Being a jeweller I have lots of tools and materials which can be used on leather to add texture and colour.

  • Fun with enamelling

    28 July 2017

    This year I have been making enamel pendants on copper and embellishing them with silver.I have had a very positive interest in them and sold all the ones I have made.It is an exciting process for me as the enamelling satisfies the creative side in me...